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The Grosse Pointe South Choir Boosters

Letter from the Boosters’ Presidents, Monique and Mike Turco:

Thank you for your interest in the Grosse Pointe South High School Choir Boosters. Our mission is quite simple: we are responsible for generating community support, organizing a small army of tireless volunteers, and raising funds to support the award winning Grosse Pointe South Show Choir.

As a Booster your support formally gives a choir student the opportunity to fully develop their interest in the performing arts. Informally, our passion is to help provide each student with the opportunity to challenge his or her limits. We encourage students to forge the self­confidence required to step forward in front of an audience and share their ideas and talents with, not only their peers, but also the entire community. Regardless of whether they ultimately pursue a career in theater or on the stage, choir helps our students develop invaluable life skills.

As members of this community, we are all the fortunate beneficiaries of the choir experience. The choir program provides the community with Broadway quality performances at very low-ticket costs. Regardless of whether you are a young student aspiring to enter the choir, or carry a senior citizen gold card, the variety of shows provide entertaining opportunities to spend time together and to celebrate the arts.

Becoming a Booster member gives parents an opportunity to spend precious time with their children during their high school years. It is rewarding to see our students grow into young adults, gain independence, and focus in on their life goals. At the same time, it can be very challenging to maintain common interests and find quality time with our high school students. Joining the Boosters forges a bond with your student and creates time together working on common goals.

On behalf of the Boosters, we are grateful for the many ways our community steps up every year to support the choir program. We appreciate the numerous businesses that financially contribute to our Patron Program, purchase advertisements, and display our performance posters. We appreciate the parents, grandparents, senior citizens, school administrators, teachers, board members, and art lovers in our community that regularly attend the shows. We are particularly grateful for the members that donate their time and talents as volunteers; our program would not be possible without their help.

Christopher Pratt is a gifted program director. His passion for his work, the arts, and the personal development of his students is evident every time they step on stage. Along with the wonderful support from Richard Wolf, Kathy Manos, Art Pasha’s set crew, and our talented choreographers, we are able to produce not only entertaining performances, but also students that carry on their talent to professional levels.

We would love for you to be a part of this wonderful organization. Please do not hesitate to call either of us if you would like more information about how you can get involved. Thank you in advance for supporting the Boosters. Now, on with the show!

Mike and Monique Turco, GPS Choir Booster Presidents, 2015 – 2016



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