Purchase Show Tickets/DVDs

This is the place to order tickets online or print DVD order form for all of the shows presented by the Grosse Pointe South High School Choirs. Tickets can be purchased one of three ways:

  1. online, here at our web address;
  2. at the door at the Ticket Booth at the theater;
  3. or by calling the South Choir Office at 432-3638.

We will no longer be offering tickets at a retail establishment.

Relive all your favorite performances (and performers) from the 2018-19 season of Grosse Pointe South’s award-winning choirs.  Click here to order DVDs of individual performances!

Gold Cards may be used at any of our ticket sites, or at the door.

Tickets are $15.00 for all lower level seats.  Balcony tickets are $12 or $9 for students or seniors.
A $0.50 convenience fee per ticket applies to all online ticket purchases.  Tickets are non-refundable. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards are accepted with online purchases. Cash only at the door.

Tickets can also be purchased over the phone by calling the choir office at 313-432-3638.

Please contact the choir office if you have any questions about ticket orders.

Please note:  The front row of the balcony sections are marked obstructed view because there is a low wall that may partially block the view of children and smaller adults.  These seats are generally fine for all others.
Also, Please avoid leaving single empty seats between your seats and those that have been previously purchased!

Tickets for Broadway 2019!

*No refunds or exchanges*

(Advance tickets available until 5 PM on show days.  After that tickets are available at the door starting at 6:15 PM)

With thanks and appreciation for the support of our generous Patrons and Community Partners
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