SCRIP: The Money-back Savings Program


We wanted to share with you the opportunity to earn money for your choir student’s
Escrow Account through our “Shop with SCRIP Program”. This is a great way to build
up funds which can go toward your student’s Choir Fees!!!

“Shop with SCRIP” is a program that allows you to buy gift cards for national and local
retailers (the same cards that you buy at the stores) at face value, and a portion of
that purchase is rebated to your student’s escrow account. Many popular retailers
participate in our SCRIP program including Brooks Brothers, Talbots, American Girl,
Barnes and Noble, The Gap, Shell, BP, Panera, Starbucks and many, many others. A
complete list of participating retailers can be found at
The program is simple — SCRIP participating retailers agree to sell gift cards to our
organization at a discount. You buy the cards for full face value, they redeem them for
full face value, and the discounted amount goes to your escrow account. The rebates
range from 1-20%, depending on the retailer, with higher rebates available during
special promotions.

Example: You buy a $100 card from Lands End, which has a 16% rebate. You pay
$100 for the card, and $16 of the $100 you paid goes into your student’s escrow
account. Easy!

All orders must be placed on line at We currently
participate in both Physical Gift Cards (plastic cards), SCRIPNow eCard (delivered via
email), and ReloadNow for physical cards initially purchased through SCRIP.


• To place your order, go to and register. Click on
“Register” gray box on upper right side of the page. You will be joining The
Group’s Existing Program.

• The Choir Booster Enrollment Code is: contact Amy Moncivais for code

• Follow the simple registration instructions. You will need to include your email
address and accept the terms and conditions.

• Please go to the scrip website at for the full current
list, with continuous updates of all bonus discounts.

* School Year 2019/20 schedule to be announced at a later date

If paying by cash or check (payable to GPS Choir Boosters) payment must be dropped
off to the address below, by the order deadline. Your order will not be submitted unless
payment is received. Please include a copy of your online Order Confirmation with your
payment, and write the choir student’s name so the appropriate credit can be applied
to the Student’s Escrow Account.

Amy Moncivais
1104 Maryland
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
Checks Payable To: Grosse Pointe South Choir Boosters

There are now three (3) ways to pay for Scrip cards. 1) Cash or Check (payable to GPS
Choir Boosters). 2) Credit Card payments – if paying with a credit card you will pay
through the Scrip website. 3) Presto Pay (bank account) – this is linking your bank
account through the Scrip website for payments.


• Orders will arrive approximately 3 – 5 days after the order date. Choir families
will be contacted to arrange drop off/pick up of gift cards.

• In rare cases, specific scrip may temporarily be backordered. This is most likely
during the busy holiday season. You will be notified, and the order will be
shipped ASAP.

Questions: Contact Amy Moncivais at 313-819-8872 or via email:


With thanks and appreciation for the support of our generous Patrons and Community Partners
Please support these businesses that support our students!