Ireland 2016

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Findlay Fest Results



Congratulations to Pointe Singers, Tower Belles and South Singers for their performances at FindlayFest.  It was high energy and entertaining day with great performances from not only our choirs, but all the groups that competed.



Pointe Singers
  • Class A Champions,
  • Championship First Runner-Up
  • Best Vocal caption award
  • Best Female Soloist
Tower Belles
  • Women’s Grand Champions
  • Best Vocal caption award
  • Best Choreography caption award
  • Best Show caption award
South Singers
  • Class C third runner-up

The Portrait Place

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our longtime partnership with The Portrait Place, giving choir students and their families a chance to add to their student’s escrow accounts, while preserving precious memories through individual and family portraits, senior pictures, and other creative imaging services.   The Portrait Place will donate 10% of all purchases made, and 100% of these funds will go to the individual student’s escrow accounts.* Sign up before October 1, 2015, and this offer will be retroactive to all purchases made since January 1, 2015!   See the attached flyer for more information, or click this link to sign up.  Select the GP South High School Choir Boosters as the donation recipient, and fill in the rest of the information on that form.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if you were registered with this program in the past, you need to register again through the new system established by Portrait Place.

* Student’s families must be Booster members at the Playbill level or above for the student to establish and maintain an escrow account.

With thanks and appreciation for the support of our generous Patrons and Community Partners
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